AluFab Metals’ is one of the leaders in roof windows and skylights,you can be sure we’ve considered the smallest details in order to provide ease of installation and operation alike.

Operation: At the press of a button, and the system’s movable parts are slid upwards and positioned right under the fixed part.

Characteristics: Double structural glazing, aluminum frame with thermal break, electromechanical operation.

The sliding glazed roof is our company’s state-of-the-art proposal in the field of glazed roofs. Made of thermally broken aluminum profiles, it can offer absolute protection from any external weather conditions and significantly improve the energy efficiency index of a building.

The sliding glazed roof consists of transverse aluminum bars, on which the system’s glass-boards are positioned. Electrical motors use belts, which slide the moving framed parts upwards until they are packed into one another, thus freeing up the two-thirds of the roof’s surface.

The system uses structural glazing, which enables swift water-rain runoff, since the surface is always smooth and unobstructed – offering, apart from the technical advantage, a sensational feeling of crystalline affluence.