The key differentiator of bullet-resistant glass is apparent in its name, Bullet resistant glass is designed to capture exceedingly high-velocity projectiles without allowing penetration through the armored panel. This makes it ideal for use in areas of high risk or where the threat of firearms is prevalent.

AluFab, Bullet resistant glass is a poly composite-glass laminate and custom –constructed to meet clients specified protection level.it can be fitted to protect critical operational areas of buildings, houses land vehicles and even marine vessels, However, it must be installed in an approved ballistic framing system.

For projects that require an extra level of durability, types of glass have been developed that can keep us both safe and secure

To ensure that all bullet-resistant glass is subjected to the same tests and that the same ratings are issued, standards have been put in place that bullet-resistant glass must conform to. Europe and the USA each have their own individual standards. In Europe, the relevant standards are EN 1063 and were set out by the European Committee of Standardization, while in the USA the relevant standards are NIJ 0108 and UL 752. The standards are similar, but should not be confused with one another.

Our bullet-resistant glass products have been utilized in a variety of important places and roles. They have been integrated into the architecture of numerous high-risk sites, like military installations, government buildings, embassies, and VIP residencies in locations spread around the globe. They have also been used in many protective vehicles, such as cash-transfer vans, armored personnel carriers, and limousines.

Bulletproof glass