AluFab Metals’ revolving door systems offer dramatic architectural appeal, energy efficiency, and the ability to move vast pedestrian traffic. The product offering comes in a wide selection of finishes, diameters, door wing configurations, glazing options, sensors, and security features.

Automatic Revolving Doors allow large numbers of people to pass in and out, reduce drafts, and decrease the amount of heating and cooling required.

Automatic revolving doors are very common in large buildings and other places with a lot of traffic, including hospitals, office buildings, and shopping malls. Most importantly, they are more energy-efficient than regular doors.

They don’t let a significant amount of air escape, and also reduce drafts into the building. As a result, heating and cooling costs are minimized.

Automatic revolving doors allow many people to enter and exit buildings more quickly. This is very important for busy facilities. AluFab Metals’ explains the number of people that can be moved in and out of a building per minute depending on the compartment size and max RPM.

Also, they reduce the amount of street noise heard inside by creating an airlock. This sound barrier is very much appreciated, decreasing the busy sounds on the street.

Automatic revolving doors enhance the entrance of a building, in which architects and patrons alike. Overall, revolving doors have an excellent return on investment. We recommend AluFab Metals’ revolving doors, the worldwide leader for doors with attractive design, energy efficiency, smooth operation, convenience, and architectural beauty.

Revolving doors are now becoming more integrated with a building’s emergency and security systems than ever before, and this means installers at the very least have to know more about how these systems tie into the door.

Revolving doors are a suitable solution for commercial buildings due to their appealing aesthetic appearance at the entry and their ability to minimize the influx of unconditioned outdoor air and unwanted noise and debris.

These doors are beneficial in all types of climates, even in warmer areas. They keep conditioned indoor air within a building no matter how many people enter or exit the facility. In fact, the more pedestrian traffic there is, the greater the benefit compared to swinging and sliding doors


Automatic door systems are ideal for heavy traffic with energy savings in mind. Available in center shaft or center core vestibule design configurations these systems offer smooth, continuous rotation.


AluFab Metals’ revolving doors are versatile to handle standard to high-security applications. Each is designed to detect, prevent, and control/contain unauthorized entrance into secure areas and zones. Available security options include bullet-resistant glass (up to level 3), anti-piggyback, anti-tailgate, and matless configurations.