Multi Track Sliding

Multi Track Sliding Doors System

Walls that disappear? It’s true. AluFab Multi-Slide Door features large, unobstructed rolling glass panels that stack or slide into pockets for extra wide openings that eliminate the barrier between indoors and out.

These moving walls of glass expand living space, frame beautiful views, and let in fresh air and natural light.

Sealed stainless steel ball bearing rollers make the Multi-Slide Door easy to operate, even with extreme panel weights. And it features dual-paned low-E glass to reflect heat while allowing light to pass through. Start by choosing the contemporary look of classic aluminum or energy-efficient thermally broken aluminum. From there, a vast range of options lets you customize your functional and aesthetic preferences.

Commercial sliding doors have always been a valuable tool for saving space, but they often fell short in terms of performance. Our sliding door systems were developed to simply perform better, offering acoustical performance and design flexibility with numerous hardware

Clean Design
Designed to seamlessly blend into nearly any space, wide panels, and modern details that allow for more light and glass.

Smooth Operation
Sealed stainless steel ball bearing rollers make our multi-slide doors easy to operate. An interlocking track design provides structural integrity and makes it possible to span wide openings with almost any number of panels.

Tested for Durability
Because AluFab build and test our windows to last, you can enjoy the product for years to come. Manufactured with the highest quality, each of our product families is tested for air, water, and structural performance.

Climate Ready Glass
AluFab multi-slide doors feature dual-paned low-E glass for better energy performance. Glass can be customized in a variety of types, colors, and thicknesses for improved privacy, protection, and thermal efficiency.

Concealed Locking System
AluFab Multi-Slide Door includes a hidden stainless steel multi-point lock to secure its large sliding panels, providing additional strength and protection. A keyed cylinder option is available.

Heavy Duty Hardware
For strength and durability, AluFab Window Systems uses stainless steel hardware for its door systems which is capable of handling more than twice the weight of the largest panel.

Configurations and Sizes
AluFab Multi-Slide Door is available in nearly any configuration, with panels up to 12 feet tall (maximum 70 square feet). For complete flexibility, our multi-slide doors can be designed to do things like go around curves, bypass obstacles, and bipart in the center. Nearly any shape is possible, including open corners.

Classic or Thermally Broken Aluminum
Classic aluminum is ideal for residential and commercial projects in moderate climates.

Water Barrier Sill

Water Barrier Sill

Designed for effectiveness in all climates, the water barrier sill’s 1.5” interior leg and weep-hole system safeguards against water intrusion. For additional protection, the back leg of each sliding panel penetrates the track to help keep out dust and debris.

Flush Sill

Flush Sill

When ease of entry is more important than performance against the elements, our flush sill is the perfect choice. With an interior and exterior sill height of just .75″, it lines up with most interior flooring for a smooth transition to the outside.

Weep holes in the track allow water to drain away from the door while the back leg of each sliding panel discourages dust and debris by penetrating the track.