President Statement


AluFab Metals is a full-service designer, fabricator, and installer of Aluminum, glazing, and metal works. We separate ourselves from Competitions with outstanding service, field support, quality, and custom made products.

In AluFab Metals, architects and building technology experts present an exhaustive taxonomy of the materials and techniques necessary for the design, fabrication, and installation of today’s Aluminum system. From raw materials & our creation, AluFab works with passion in order to make our client’s lives safe and comfortable.

AluFab Metals is partnering with most of the European Aluminum system providers like Schuco, Technal, Gutmann, Alu-K, and others. AluFab Metals has the in house capability to design the most sophisticated façade and individual aluminum glazed openings.

AluFab  Metals range of products could be summarized as follows

  • Automatic and manual Aluminum doors and windows
  • Curtain walls structural glazing
  • Aluminum cladding System
  • Aluminum Exterior Shading system
  • Metal Cladding
  • Metal sun Louver
  • Metal decorative screen
  • Insulated Metal Panel System
  • Perforated Images Design
  • Handrails and Guide Rail
  • Pergolas
  • Shope fronts and Shower Cubical
  • Fire-rated Aluminum doors and window
  • Fire-rated Steel Doors

AluFab Metals gives each project the highest quality of engineering study and proposes the right material and accessories to match the client’s needs and architectural requirements.

Because people’s quality of life and assets matter, we at AluFab strive to provide technical leadership and performance excellence to the industry and support our customers with service excellence and sustainable solutions.

AluFab Metals Promise

AluFab Metals recognizes that within the compliance industry as a whole, accountability needs to be improved. We have backed our selves to ensure the standard of the service we’ve provided to our clients remains excellent, and challenge the rest of the industry to do the same.