About Us


AluFab Metals is a provider of precision metal engineering and fabricators offering customers cost-effective fabrication solutions in Dubai by combining our utilization of advanced technology with over 100 years of cumulative experience to produce quality products, on-time and to specification.

We take great pride not only in our commitment to quality but also our track record of supplying effective and dependable design and fabrication services for our customers in the UAE.


AluFab Metals will be the preferred partners of our clients, employees, and key suppliers in every market we serve by:

  • Delivering solutions of exceptional value
  • Having a proactive approach to conducting business
  • Ensuring effective and efficient business processes through continuous improvement
  • Earning a fair return on delivered value

Our mission is the same in every single product we are making – to make life comfortable and add value to life and the places where you unwind and relax. We are constantly focusing on quality, innovative technologies, and comfort in both products and life to ensure that our product is made with the greatest care for the environment and the well-being of people.


  • Meet our commitments
  • Take pride in all we do- Excellence shall be our trade mark
  • Promote a work environment based on speed, simplicity, teamwork, and responsibility
  • Ensure quality and continuous improvements are an integral part of the way we operate
  • Foster valuable and enduring relationships with clients, employees, and suppliers
  • Satisfy our clients in a mutually profitable manner
  • Conduct our business with honesty and integrity
  • Anticipate and continually adapt to changes in our environment while also preserving our core values


AluFab Metals has taken deliberate and meaningful action in the last year to be more aware and more accountable. We are committed to building on these efforts, acting more thoughtfully, and creating solutions for a safer, more secure, and more supportive company.

Our future is built on continuous innovation, but our day-to-day operations wouldn’t be possible without our team members’ commitment to conducting business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism.

AluFab Metals has a collaborative and supportive team environment. An environment that looks after and values each and every individual and creates a thriving hub of dynamic ideas flowing from concept through to delivery of completed projects. Everyone counts, everyone has a voice and everyone has an important role to play. Our culture promotes innovative thinking, honesty, and vision.


Our commitment to team members is reflected in our core value of People and is illustrated by our relentless drive to provide an engaging work environment that is ethical, diverse, and inclusive.


Through a blend of corporate global strategy and local adaptation to the unique challenges and opportunities that each of our facilities and operating locations present, we’re always working toward making our operations more sustainable.


Everything we do is with the community and environmental sustainability in mind.


Seven ways that AluFab Metals commits to customers’ success by,

  1. Providing you with relevant support resources that help you complete your project
  2. Helping you resolve technical issues to your satisfaction
  3. Timely and comprehensive responses
  4. Never closing your case
  5. Calling you, when necessary
  6. Being polite, patient, and thorough
  7. Listening to your feedback